How Yoga move and improve our children's life?

  • Changing Thinking Patterns

Yoga may help kids on different levels. Practicing physical postures (asanas) can increase the production of endorphins, which generate feelings of well-being. Breathing techniques (pranayama) help regulate the nervous system by activating parasympathetic (relaxation) neurons and calming sympathetic (flight or fight) neurons. Guided relaxation techniques benefit kids by giving them an alternative way to respond to the stressors in their lives. Instead of responding with anger or anxiety, kids learn to relax and breathe through their negative emotions. Yoga students also learn how to manage the mind and perceive stressful situations in a different light. They begin to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

  • Teaching Yoga Life Skills to Children

Teaching Yoga to children and Teens is not like teaching adults. The biggest challenge may be keeping their attention. Songs, music, and games all help keep them focused on learning Yoga. In addition, children, Teens love to move and make sounds, and they can make noises while in the poses. The poses help relieve physical stress, while making sounds, which also help to relieve stress on the emotional and mental levels.

Learning Yoga at a young age, can give children a set of tools for managing stress in a positive way, for the rest of their lives. Non-competitive in nature, Yoga teaches children compassion and collaboration, rather than anger and divisiveness, which are valuable instruments for navigating the stresses of life.

  • Students taught to be rigid during their education

Our traditional school system takes all of that energy and asks our students to sit still for long periods of time, which is exactly the opposite of what most kids’ innate wishes are. Physical Education is still a high priority in the school curriculum however, one way that teachers can hope to add to their tuition isto incorporate mindfulness, Yoga and relaxation techinques to their day.

  • The Role of a Yoga Teacher

Yoga instructors reach out to many different age groups. When we decide to teach Yoga to children, we create a positive impact on global society. Children need valuable life skills to progress and cope with an ever-changing world.






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