Yoga for children with special needs is a fabulous support for parents as Yoga is available to everyone and is easy to adapt to meet individual needs and requirements. It is a powerful form of physical and mental self exploration with tremendous benefits.

As yoga teachers we meet the student where they are. Safely and consciously taught, yoga is a modality with healing potential and we have not even scratched the surface of what we can do.

Children with special needs such as autism, ADHD, Down syndrome....

The class 's Form:

  • Fun:  Yoga is joyful - Explore the way your body moves.
  • Themes: Yoga topics that interest children. Improving the children's health while increasing their understanding of  themselves and their world.
  • Postures:  May be challenging but with practise and repetition of the excercises, they will become better at it and build stronger physical and emotional body development.
  • Teacher Positive Support: Engaging positiveness and encouraging the students through the class
  • Breathing: Centre and calm the mind with various techniques during relaxation and meditation time.
  • Ability: The tuition will cater for the chidlren in the class following the group's ability and concentration.

 Benefits for Kids with Special Needs

Yoga addresses their heightened anxiety, poor motor coordination and helps regulate their sensory system. Yoga strategies can easily be incorporated into daily routines and existing educational goals. By becoming aware of their bodies and aware of their breathing, yoga provides them with the ability to cope when they start to feel anxious or upset. The breathing techniques and guided visualization assist by reducing stress, teaching coping techniques, and providing a sense of calm and acceptance. Once a child has learned some of these elements they can use them anytime, anywhere. This enhanced ability to self-calm will allow the child to learn from and participate in educational and daily routines in a more productive and enjoyable fashion.






 Please email for further information on the classes and venues.