My goal is to provide the students with real life skills, by improving their focus & concentration, manage their stress more effectively, build their self-confidence and learn to calm, relax their mind during relaxation while they build strong and flexible bodies. –They will be working in a non-competitive environment . The children are also taught patience, integrity, and how to shine for themselves.

Pre school Ages   


The classes are playful with introduction to postures while respecting the child's innocence and allowing to draw on their true nature .The children are still small, energetic and full of wonder and love to explore the world around them. The class is delivered to teach them the postures softly . Easy vocabulary is used for a better understanding. They are still in full development, inquisitive and full of wonders; Children are encouraged to be confident and clear whilst learning respect for themselves and others. Yoga will nurture them and give a tool for life.The class contents: Postures & mantras, breathing, stories, relaxation and games  to engage their imagination and creativity.


Ages 5 - 8​​ class: The classses are dynamic and fun, helping the children to learn about their bodies and their breathing.  The class contents: Postures with more complex movements, breathing techniques are explored further and the children are more able to stay still in relaxation sessions fully experiencing the story and become more mindful.

Ages 9 - 12 class: At this age, children are able to understand better the concept of Yoga. The class contents:  longer techniques for breathing, relaxation, meditation and posture work. Developing  the upper body strength postures.  Meditation and relaxation become more relevant now as the children begin to deal wih the pressures and the expectations of the secondary school and it is essential for them to learn to 'let go'.


Teenagers: It is a milestone for the teens who face puberty, body chemistry and physosiology inbalance - the yoga class offers to work on self acceptance, self loving and being more positive about life. The teenagers will work on determination and stamina. The class contents:  Postures, breathing, alignment, strength and relaxation.


 Breathing techniques are for: Relaxation, Focus, Concentration, Anger management, self awareness

 Postures are for: Anxiety, stress, stiffness, positive body-image

 Relaxation with visualisation help with: Self-image, compassion, conflict resolution

Affirmations empower children/Teens to focus on the positive, improving their physical and mental well being. They are powerful in helping children/Teens build self esteem.

 Please email for further information on the classes and venues.