yoga4kids123 will help you get fit and stay healthy!

What we offer:

Yoga4Kids 123 is a mobile yoga service that comes to your home, school, Health clubs, Yoga studio or other organisations to teach yoga at a time that is totally convenient for you and your  students at a  affordable price.

You can choose private lessons in your home for your child or children, group lessons for your classroom, or come to organised weekly classes at a specific local venue.

We offer classes during school day, school clubs, special events, weekend workshops and weekly classes.

YOGA is an uplifting, non-competitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for children to build strength and self-esteem.


The teaching is for :

Pre school children up to 30 mins class

Children and Teens on the spectrum up to 40 mins class

Children aged 5 to 8 years up to 45 mins class

Children aged 9 to 12 years up to 60 mins class

Teens 60 mins class

Teens and parent 60 mins class


 Who does YOGA appeal to??

If you are :       Unsporty or Sporty

                              Boy or a Girl 

 You will increase your stamina and strengh regardless of how sporty you are, for the boys working on your upper body to help with your growth and for the girls, helping with your flexibility and relaxation and above all for both genders helping you with your self esteem!

Yoga tools helping our Children:

Today’s students face tremendous pressure to achieve within a world that is often overwhelming.

The tools of yoga and mindfulness (working on positive affirmations) offer methods of managing physical, mental and emotional stress.

Bringing these practices to your children in school or to organised classes is a simple way to make your children and Teens live happier and healthier.

  • The tools will : help their capacity to learn effectively, manage their emotions, regulate their own behaviour, and finally achieve personal and academic success.


Yoga Affirmations: 

  • Have children take ownership of each affirmation by saying them out aloud and quietly during  the class: "I am confident".


Yoga Instructor

The Yoga instructor is experienced to work with small and large group of children, fun to work with, and completely professional and discrete. Starchild Yoga teaching accreditation with KYTA UK. I am insured with DSC Insurance Services and also currently hold a 'clean' DBS Certificate. Hope to see you soon in my classes.


"And just so you know, when the children spotted butterflies on their nature ramble yesterday, they were calling out, “I’m good and I’m happy!!!”Pretty awesome, right" -- Tara, Datchet.